Our Solahart Premium PV systems use SunCell Solar Panels and GoodWe Inverters

Solahart solar power systems are among the most efficient in the world delivering more power for each watt installed.

Our systems are designed and engineered with every component carefully selected to meet Solahart’s stringent specifications, ensuring optimum performance and protection.

The Solahart Premium range allows you to choose from a variety of systems, ensuring a match for your needs and budget.

Our systems are designed to provide outputs ranging between 1600kwh and 8700kwh.

Q.Celle solar panel and GoodWe inverter available from Solahart

High Solar Yield

High Performance

Extreme Weather Rating

Trusted Warranty

Key Features

The new Q.Cell solar panels available from Solahart South West are a very efficient option for new solar power systems. 

They’re available with a higher yield, producing an output of 395W thanks to their innovative German engineered design.

The Q.Cell solar panel can be combined with GoodWe inverters for small and medium solar systems.


Infographic from Solahart on how PV works

The Solahart Premium PV Series is eligible for Government incentives. Our team will be happy to help you with these.

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Solahart South West:
Your Trusted Solar Installer

Solahart pioneered the use of solar energy in Australia, beginning with a copper tank in 1953. 

Now, we’re still leaders in solar and proudly serve the South West region of Western Australia with our solar products from the best brands in solar.

In addition to the strength and experience of Solahart, we’re a Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailer. 

Solahart is an approved solar retailer - approved by the Clean Energy Council

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