New requirements for emergency solar management in WA

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Did you know that the energy collectively generated by residential solar panels in the South West Interconnected System is more than the amount generated by WA’s largest power station? It is thanks to the excellent uptake of rooftop solar power here in WA.

With the popularity of rooftop solar power in WA, action is being taken to allow continued uptake of rooftop solar panels on Western Australian homes and continued safe operation of the power grid.

The measure, which will not affect homes with existing solar panels, will allow the continued uptake of solar panels without increasing costs.

From February 14, 2022, new or upgraded solar panels will be installed with the capability to be remotely turned off, for short periods, when demand for electricity reaches a critically low level.

Remotely switching off solar panels will be used as a last resort to prevent widespread power interruptions and is expected to occur a few times a year for a few hours. This won’t affect the resident’s power supply.

Power stations will be turned down first with rooftop residential solar the last to be impacted.

Our Energy Minister, Bill Johnston, said:

“Rooftop solar is integral to the renewable energy future of our State so we’re adapting our system to meet those requirements.

“This new measure means we can continue supporting the uptake of residential solar while ensuring electricity is secure and affordable.

“More than 400,000 WA homes and businesses, around 30 per cent, now have rooftop solar connected to WA’s main grid with that figure continuing to rapidly grow.

“The Energy Transformation Strategy is planning for a long-term future where rooftop solar, batteries and electric vehicles are at the centre of the WA power system.”

At Solahart South West, we support safe management of the power supply and fully comply with all regulations.

Additionally, our solar products have undergone some of Australia’s strictest and most robust testing to ensure safety, performance and durability. This includes an industry leading warranty of up to 25 years, fully backed by Solahart in Australia.

If you have any questions about solar, including how safe solar is or how much you can save by switching to solar, get in touch with Solahart South West anytime.



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